Thursday, 20 October 2011

‘Twitter Twpes’

Undoubtedly Twitter has been great for many small businesses, including ours, to be seen, to be heard, and to support each other.
As in everyday life, there are some interesting people out there in Twitter land, and it’s great to people watch, like sitting in a café watching the world go by!
Speaking to other certain Twitter users, I am very grateful for their input into the following type of categories. Unfortunately I can’t claim this as all my own work, but we’ve cobbled together mainly as a bit of entertainment and just observations rather than judgements … so, what ‘twpe of Twitterer’ are you?! ….
The Sad Seller
Only pumps out tweets saying ‘see this’ and ‘buy’ that – boring!
The Pleader
This one is desperate for more numbers.  Even when others follow they have not worked out that it is kind of polite to follow people back to some degree, especially when they are new to twitter.
The Liker
Please “like my Facebook or follow me on Twitter” and does not occur to them they would get far more results if they state they will reciprocate (duh?)
The Twitter Snob
This one has lots of followers and less followings – if they have 5 figures or more they are very snobby or a celebrity – best avoided?!
The Thanker W*nker
This one sends you a message, often directly. 'Thanks for following [but I’m not going to follow you back].  Even worse is: 'thanks, but here’s an ad'.
The Niche Nerd
This one thinks they'll only use twitter and blog in their niche. Missing the point as most customers are outside of their niche.   Food industry is very badly incestuous to the point of it being ludicrous.  Do you even want to go there?
The Local Lurker
This one only wants local tweeps. Now this might be valid for physical industries like hairdressers but not for a lot of tweeps who sell online.  Narrow minded and scared of the outside world?
The Social Butterfly
This one uses their business Twitter for their pleasure, and it’s forever an open conversation for all, about what time they got up, what they had for breakfast, what little Jack found down the back of the sofa, what the cat dragged in, etc. .  – Ummm, really appropriate for business followers?!  Give us some biz talk too!
The One-Night Stander
Usually an American follower who appears from out of nowhere to follow you, you might follow back out of reciprocal duty – but when you look at them a day later they are no longer following you! A great way to bolster their numbers, falsely.

The Spam Freak
Sends you a freaking spam checking test – why?  It’s pretty darn obvious you are not a spammer, you got a website, you got tweets, you got a sense of humour…..OK so they are blind and non-curious ...or just can’t be bothered to look?
The Comeback Kid
This one doesn’t like to be dumped – maybe they ought to have followed back – maybe they felt guilty at not following back in the first place. So they do.
Two Kool for Skool
This one has total disregard for literacy and thinks that everyone else does too.  Text type spelling and mis-spellings are always flavour of the day – not a lot of confidence in  dealing with this kind of person in business!
The Human Heart
This one follows back on appeal – then later on the 'quota' in their heart has dried up for following anyone else back. 'I’m not made of much, but you can have a tiny morsel'.
I’ve Filled my Cup
They got enough numbers to follow – now only want to have followers so basically a wannabe Twitter Snob.
And then we have…….
The Good Egg
Follows back most nice tweeps, retweets , and engages and does a little bit of self promo (but that’s OK and is the point)
The Power Gamer
Those who like share and retweet – people flock to them – maybe they have discovered something by giving lots away that they gain more… possibly an enhanced version of the ‘The Good Egg’.

I hope you enjoyed the read and would be grateful for your thoughts and any other categories you might think of – we can then make version 2?!
Oh, and if you want to know what twpe we are then simply follow us on Twitter! @deeperinsight

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  1. Great post - yes, very observant - nice and dry like a good, dry crisp white wine..........

  2. You missed one... The Speed Deleter of DMs! Likely to have such a tidy message column that they say something then delete it sometimes before you even get the message. Yes OK, sometimes you need to tidy up DMs so you can get to the ones at the back, however DM-ers should be aware that people don't always pick them up the moment it's sent and the recipient ends up never getting the message!

  3. Very witty and observant! I'd love to think I was a good egg but I think I fall shamefully into the sad seller category!

  4. Brilliant! So true. Wondering what category I am in. Hope it's the social butterfly :)

  5. Very funny & very apt. I can only see that you've missed one - The 'Me, Me, Me' you know, the one that sends you the auto DM when you've decided to follow them.... ;D